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16 year-old Cher mesmerised The X Factor 2010 audiences with her unique urban-pop performances and strong personal style. Cher first auditioned with "Turn My Swag On" which became one of the most memorable performances of the series and she also went on to perform renditions of "Love The Way You Lie", "Hard Knock Life", and Shakespeare's Sister's "Stay”. During the series she won luminary fans such as who confessed that he would work with her in an instant. Cher came an impressive fourth on the show and has since picked up over 50 Million views on YouTube. Now, 2013, Cher is working on her second album! Please ask one of the admins if you have any queries.

Did you know?
  • ...Cher’s fear is drowning or stuck in a box because she’s said that it wouldn’t be very nice?
  • ...Cher got her dad (Darren) a Range Rover Sport for fathers day 2011?
  • ...Cher was 14 when she had her first kiss?
  • ...Cher doesn't have a middle name?
  • ...Cher has two dogs called Barbie and Barbara but she gave Barbie to her family?
  • ...Cher's fragrance is shaped as a diamond because it means that everyone's special?
  • ...If Cher had to be put in a group like One Direction she would've said no?
  • ...Cher was in a car accident when she was younger?
  • ...Cher hasn't talked to Cheryl since The X Factor but she'd like to?
  • ...Cher's old Twitter profile was @_SKANKKK_?
  • ...Cher's favourite film is Hocus Pocus?
  • ...That Cher's really small? She's only about 5'3!
  • ...Cher has over 20 tattoos?
  • ...Cher's favourite One Direction member is Niall?
  • ...Cher doesn't like Louis Walsh?
  • ...Cher refers to herself as a "teacher's nightmare"?
  • ...Cher is engaged?
  • ...Cher was nominated for best song of the year (Want U Back), best female artist, and best break up song (Want U Back) for the Radio Disney Awards?
  • ...Cher had two snakes growing up called M&M and Britney?
  • ...Cher's favourite number is 13?
  • ...Cher likes Taylor Swift?
  • ...Cher's next album will have a mixture of pop, rap and ballads?
  • ...Cher has an love hate relationship with the song Swagger Jagger?
  • ...Cher thinks Demi is like her in a way?
  • ...Cher loves Really Don't Care?
  • ...Cher's performed at Madison Square?
  • ...Cher said that it was an nightmare having blue hair?
  • ...Cher got kicked out of college because she threw a chair at one of her teachers?
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