• Cher’s fear is drowning or stuck in a box because she’s said that it wouldn’t be very nice.
  • Cher got her dad (Darren) a Range Rover Sport for fathers day 2011.
  • Cher was 14 when she had her first kiss.
  • Cher doesn't have a middle name.
  • Cher has two dogs called Barbie and Barbara but she gave Barbie to her family.
  • Cher's fragrance is shaped as a diamond because it means that everyone's special.
  • If Cher had to be put in a group like One Direction she would've said no.
  • Cher was in a car accident when she was younger.
  • Cher's old Twitter profile was @_SKANKKK_.
  • Cher's favourite film is Hocus Pocus.
  • Cher's favourite One Direction member is Niall.
  • Cher doesn't like Louis Walsh.
  • Cher refers to herself as a "teacher's nightmare".
  • Cher had two snakes growing up called M&M and Britney.
  • Cher's favourite number is 13.
  • Cher likes Taylor Swift.
  • Cher has an love hate relationship with the song Swagger Jagger.
  • Cher thinks Demi is like her in a way.
  • Cher loves Really Don't Care.
  • Cher said that it was an nightmare having blue hair.
  • Cher got kicked out of college because she threw a chair at one of her teachers.

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